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 The Nintwndo DSi

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PostSubject: The Nintwndo DSi   Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:11 am

Hey all this is your reporter James telling you about the Nintendo DSi. It is a truly remarkable work of art made by Nintendo. It has wifi like never before. It has a wifi store where you can actually buy stuff on wifi on your DSi. It has a camera on it like seriously how cool is that. You can take pics and even edit them just on your dsi. It would be useful on vacations when you go away. And to even make this wonderfully designed thing better it even has a music player on it. LIKE OMG its every kids dream lol. And even for older people too. It comes in 2 two colors in America which are Blue and Black. They have more colors like White in Japan. It will be an awesome addition to the Nintendo company and is due to be out sometime in April. Its gonna be fun.
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The Nintwndo DSi
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