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 The 11th pokemon movie

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PostSubject: The 11th pokemon movie   Mon Mar 09, 2009 12:38 am

Hey all this is james repoting on the 11th pokemon movie. From all the reviews I heard of this movie They were pretty good. It was a very exciting thrilling pokemon movie and its when we got a view of the new form of giratina and shamins sky form. This was all amazing stuff. The torn world was very cool and the intensity of the this movie was awesome. The next movie will dominate this one by far. It will Be Arceus face off against giratina, dialga, and palkia and arceus is not particulary happy with whats has been happeieng since he is the god pokemon. Heatran will even make an apperance in the next movie. So stay tuned until next time when I bring you info on the 12th movie.
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The 11th pokemon movie
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