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 300 POST STORY TIME!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: 300 POST STORY TIME!!!!!!!!   Tue Apr 14, 2009 9:56 am

Okay, I got a crazy idea, but as you should all well know, I'm all about crazy ideas.
It's called a 300 post story, meaning a story that is REQUIRED to be 300 posts long; NO less, NO more.
Nobody can post twice in a row, and every post MUST be a addition to the story.
The addition MUST be AT LEAST two complete sentences long, longer if you'd like, and they'd better be good.
Any addition to the story must be in Italics AND underlined, while any comments must be in regular format.
I'd like to consider this, how should I put this... like semi-semi-spam's second cousin twice removed, because you can add whatever you like to the story, as long as you follow the preceding rules, and increase your post count like crazy in the mix of it.
So I guess I'd probably better start us off then...

Once upon a time, there was an evil midget ninja named Jor, who liked to place bologna underneath peoples pillows every night. But one night, while he was placing bologna underneath Micheal Jacksons pillow, M.J. woke up and, mistaking him for a twelve-year-old boy, captured him and locked him up in his crazy disco-castle dungeon...


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It's either a tiny sword, or a fricking HUGE pen.
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300 POST STORY TIME!!!!!!!!
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