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 Okami Awards

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PostSubject: Okami Awards   Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:24 pm

Soon I'll be starting the "Okami Awards" in honor of the hard work James puts into the site. (These will be hosted seasonally)

Well, in the Okami Awards, certain categories will be placed down (Note, the competition is Anime-based). People will nominate Anime for each category.

After the nominations, preliminaries will start, in which you will vote between the nominated Anime. The four Anime with the most votes at the end of the preliminaries will move on to the next round.

Round 1 -
Each Anime that makes it to round one will continue to round one. Another vote will take place, in which the top three will continue to round two.

Round 2 -
Each Anime that makes it to round two will go through another vote, but this time, anyone who dislikes the Anime can vote that as well. The total for each Anime will be Likes minus Dislikes. The two with the most votes will proceed to the finals.

Finals -
A vote similar to the vote in round two will be held. The winner wins the Category.

All right, that's basically the gist of it. Now, the current Categories I have (Nomination begins as soon as I get the forum up, Voting begins on April 7th)

Best Shonen Anime
Best Shojo Anime
Best Cast of Characters
Best Main Character
Best Art
Best Story
Most Interesting

Okami Award Male Character of the Season
Okami Award Female Character of the Season
Okami Award Anime of the Year

It's a new world...
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Okami Awards
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